Hot Mess: Oscar Edition

2004380802_3205261248Last night’s Academy Awards included some amazing fashion choices. I mean, how fab did Kate Winslet look? Was Amy Adams gorgeous in that hot red dress or what? But then, there were the misses. And hoo-boy, did some of them miss by a mile. Like our pal Mickey Rourke, here. God bless him, the man’s been through a lot. But he’s a fighter! He’s the comeback kid! And yet, he still doesn’t have a stylist to tell him to stop dressing like some kind of pimp/cowboy hybrid. But the Mickster wasn’t alone. Here are a few more horrific looks from last night: 2169211356_8947114263Is Beyonce trying to avoid that Etta James beatdown by blending in with the couch and drapes?

56824480Look, I know Tilda Swinton is amazing and badass and what-not. I get that. What I don’t get is why she’s wearing a color that makes her lovely pale skin look like that of a corpse. Not to mention the shape of that top (or whatever it is) is about as unflattering as it can be.

56822692Hold the fuck up, is that a BUTT BOW?

345http-dyimgcom-a-p-ap-20090222-capt3b85e930b6844d4ebbc8a4da8d4b8f2aoscars_arrivals_cakv105Now you may be wondering why this lovely young woman is on my WTF? list. Her dress is elegant and lovely, her hair is flattering and her makeup natural. But take a closer look kiddies. You know who that is?

6a00cdf7e37f6d094f00e398b76e650003-500piOh, Baby, WTF happened to you? I know she got some plastic surgery back in the ’90s, but it looks as though she’s had more. She doesn’t look like herself at all. Makes me sad, y’all.


10 responses to “Hot Mess: Oscar Edition

  1. Agree about everyone but Tilda. She is KILLING it in that Lanvin for sure. Beyonce looks terrible, that dress makes her body look NUTS

    • @Laia: Why does she always insist on wearing mermaid cuts? I don’t think they’re the most flattering on her, and honestly, at this point she’s worn them so much that it’s really predictable. She needs to mix it up.

  2. I’m with you, Laia: I loooooooved the Lanvin on Tilda! I actually gasped with pleasure when I saw her come out. I love the drapiness of that top.

  3. Oh, snap. Loved the Etta James comment, DZ.

    I recognized Jennifer Grey immediately. Clearly she was having the time of her liiiiife. And she owes it all to you.

  4. i love to see beyonce fuck up.

  5. I get the feeling Tilda would strut the red carpet naked if she could, but instead is all “Bish pleaz.”

    And I wanted Mickey to win because he looks like a pimp. Well, that wasn’t the only reason, but it didn’t hurt.

  6. I would think something was wrong if Mickey DIDN’T dress like a fashion-challenged pimp turned cowboy. And I’m mad as hell at the Academy for snubbing him and Loki. Boo hiss, boo hiss, boo hiss!!

    I thought Penelope Cruz’s vintage gown was stunning – best of the evening IMHO.

  7. LipstickLibrarian

    Beyonce looks like she can’t breathe, and SWINTON looked amazing.

    I thought Kate needed more color on her face!

  8. I like Tilda’s look, but in a MUCH different color. That color on her skintone is WRONG. Also, she needed mascara.

    I thought Penelope looked great, but she looked great in a very similar dress two years ago…,,20006775_20009281,00.html

    My best dressed: Marissa Tomei.

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