Freaky Friday Flashback

wee_441Happy Friday, y’all! Another long week is finally over, so let’s celebrate with a look back at a great WTF? moment from pop culture history. Today we go back to 2002, to an interview that spawned one of the greatest catchphrases of all time: crackY’all? Crack is wack. And it’s cheap. And that’s why Ms. Houston don’t touch it:

In 2002, Whitney Houston sat down with Diane Sawyer for an in-depth interview on Primetime Live. The interview was to address Whitney’s erratic behavior, gaunt appearance and crazy marriage to Bobby Brown. We all know Whit can be a little nutty, but we just had no idea how much so until this interview. And as for Bobby, well this pretty much says it all:

Since then, Bobby and Whitney had their own show:

And then, sadly, they broke up. I ask you, where do broken hearts go?


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