A**holes of the Week

rihanna_11Wow, the list of assholes is so long, I hardly know where to begin. Of course you’ve all heard about the leak of pictures of a visibly injured Rihanna, taken by the LAPD after her domestic violence incident with Chris Brown. While I, along with several other outlets (People, Jezebel) refuse to post these horrific pictures, many other folks felt it was appropriate (i.e. lucrative) to show these photos. Let’s be honest, they can say they’re doing it in the interest of bringing light to a horrible, common crime, but the fact is, they’re exploiting a young girl’s abuse for ratings, web hits and to sell magazines. And it’s disgusting. So, without further ado, my list of Assholes of the Week:

chris-brown-jv25Of course, the biggest asshole in this situation remains Chris Brown, who attacked Rihanna in the first place. His pathetic, half-ass apology didn’t help at all.

badge_lapdNext up is the shithead at the LAPD who leaked the pictures. I hope they catch his or her ass and fire them immediately.

tmz_219x229_rdax_219x229Then we have TMZ and its soulless managing editor Harvey Levin, who think it’s OK to make tons of money off the abuse of a young woman, simply because she’s famous.

hello-kitty-perez-hilton1Oh, and Perez Hilton? Fuck you, too.

gawkerOf course, it doesn’t surprise that Nick Denton’s willing to link to TMZ’s pictures. He’d post pictures of people eating babies if he thought it’d get him page views. Whore.

nypost040105We already know the New York Post wouldn’t know class, journalistic integrity or ethics if they slapped them in the face, so it’s no surprise these jerks ran the picture on their front page.

05And then Regis and Kelly, who just graduated from simply annoying to annoying assholes, felt it necessary to hold up a copy of the Post on their show, giving the pictures further publicity. Klassy, guys, really fucking klassy.

Did I miss anyone? If so, rake ’em over the coals in the comments.


7 responses to “A**holes of the Week

  1. I’m Nigel Tomm and your list of assholes rocks.

  2. BowlingForDollars

    Hoda and Kathie Lee decided to show the Post cover today too. I thought the View ladies would discuss it today, but not so far.

    I really, really hope Chris Brown is done, a la Ike Turner.

  3. Don’t you talk about my Perez. It may not have been the wisest of choices, but I think he truly is thoroughly disgusted and wants people to hate Chris Brown…..which I always kind of did. Anyway, those pictures are messed up to say the least.

    Also, what’s wrong with Regis/Kelly showing the cartoon? It’s news…..it’s all over every news outlet in the country….why single them out (they are annoying, though).

    Don’t shoot me, k?

  4. truculentandunreliable

    I think you’ve got it covered, luv. I’ll let you know if I think of anyone else.

    Perez can fuck off and die already. He’s a misogynist piece of shit and I’m tired of him making money off his sad little inferiority complex. Go into therapy and leave the rest of us alone already, douchebag.

  5. @Lizzie: Girl, don’t fall for his tricks–Perez don’t care about nobody but Perez. He did it for hits, period.

    As for Regis & Kelly, I’m not talking about the Post cartoon. I’m talking about them holding up today’s issue on air, which has the police photos of Rihanna on the cover. They shouldn’t have done that because it’s salacious, especially since the photos are stolen.

  6. Ah, gotcha! I didn’t realize that. That is pretty craptastic of the Reg. I’m still loyal to Perez. He keeps me occupied on those lonely days.

  7. I’m all for journalists not having to reveal their sources, but screw that in TMZ’s case. He has no protection, because he’s not a journalist.

    And I looked at the pic briefly then was kind of disgusted with myself.

    And I am a little worried that this will compromise the case, allowing Brown’s defense to argue that the case should be dropped or something because of all the publicity. God, TMZ, did you ever think of that?

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