Hot Mess

paul_stanley1So, KISS lead singer Paul Stanley welcomed a new daughter last week. Congrats to that. But tell me this: Why does he look like Michael Jackson? Gah! It’s freaking me out!


3 responses to “Hot Mess

  1. UGH. Paul. Poor poor Paul. I think there are a number of things happening here.
    1. Paul has had a bad face lift.
    2. Paul never should have had rhinoplasty. Ever
    3. This picture has been photo shopped to the point that Paul appears to be made of wax.
    4. Paul’s age at his time is 57 years old.
    5. I once mistook Paul for Tiny Tim while I was intoxicated at a fine Beverly Hills establishment.

    OK that last one has nothing to do with anything except it still cracks me up.

    Here’s a comparison shot of Paul and a glowing Mrs. Stanly just this fall. Note the glaring difference in his face here compared to the photo above.

  2. when will it stop??? why not just wear a mask?? it’s just as believable!

  3. @Pickles: OMG, I am laughing so hard at you mistaking him for Tiny Tim! There’s definitely a resemblance though.

    And wow, that Photoshopping is atrocious. I figured they’d done a little, but my lord, he looks almost like a different person compared to that other picture.

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