Just Sad


The biggest news from last night’s Grammys didn’t even take place at the show. Singer Chris Brown was arrested in connection with a felony battery case.


Reports claim the singer was seen fighting with a woman in a car Saturday night, and the fight escalated. Police have not identified the victim, whom they say suffered visible injuries and named Brown as her attacker. All signs point to the victim being Brown’s girlfriend, Rihanna, who abruptly backed out of a performance at last night’s awards.

This might all be a big misunderstanding. Rihanna might be just fine, and hell, she might not even be the girl in question. But regardless who it is, unless there’s some sort of mistake here (which I doubt), this is just disgusting and Brown needs to be punished and forced to get some serious help. I mean, he’s on 19 and he’s already abusing women? That’s just horribly unacceptable. Especially when this kid’s the role model of scads of kids across the country. Hopefully the fact that he turned himself in means that he’s willing to own up to his mistake and deal with the consequences. We’ll see as the story unfolds.


Apparently, it’s been confirmed the victim in this case is, in fact, Rihanna. And apparently, she and Brown were seen leaving their hotel together around 7:30 a.m. Sunday, just hours after the incident occurred. Brown has been booked on felony criminal threats charges, which means the accuser felt their life was being threatened. This just gets sadder by the minute.


6 responses to “Just Sad

  1. I agree. What a dill-hole.

  2. I think now they’re saying it is her and that it was assault with a deadly weapon. What a jerk!

  3. Agreed. Apparently he grew up with domestic violence in the home, but that’s NO EXCUSE. If anything, that should make him not ever want to hit a woman, seeing his mother suffer.

    I really hope he gets some help. He’s freaking 19!

  4. Well, there’s all kinds of rumors flying around. I always thought they were a cute couple, too. No, there’s no excuse for that kind of violence. Although, I can think of one or two people I’d like to punch.

  5. I’m thinking this can’t have been the first sign of this. Crap like that usually doesn’t come out of nowhere. I wonder if she never really talked about their relationship because he forbid her from doing so? Ugh. So sad.

  6. She has too much potential to be with this type of guy. Give his looser ass a 1-way ticket to the curb!

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