Hot Mess

56676680WOW. First of all, Katy Perry totally stole that dress from one of my ’80s childhood Barbies. Second of all, WTF is M.I.A. wearing? I know she’s preggers but good lord! It’s like she took every rule of dressing stylishly while pregnant and decided to just break them all with one dress. Ugly pattern? Check. Loud colors? Check. Billowing, poofy shape? Check.


7 responses to “Hot Mess

  1. easy to take off should she give birth? check.

    peep her facial expression while posing next to katy perry…priceless.

  2. I had no idea they sold big bird yellow nursing bras! I’ll be damned.

  3. Oh my. I love Katy Perry and think her songs are catchy and adorable. I like MIA, too. What is it with bloggers being so judgmental…haha.

  4. Also, how BADASS was that Radiohead performance. I would jump right on Thom Yorke’s hobbit, lazy eyed self real quick like.

  5. @Lizzie: Ha!
    I missed Radiohead cause I refuse to watch the Grammys. I bet it’s online though–gotta check it out.

  6. where is the rest of katie perry’s hair?? she does look like a barbie — after some hair lumps have been pulled out!

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