Freaky Friday Flashback

wee_44Happy Friday, y’all! I am so glad this long-ass week is finally over! Let’s celebrate by taking a look back at one of the greatest WTF? moments in pop culture history. Today’s installment takes us back to 1997, and an incident that one might call a “hot tranny mess”:

eddie-murphy-strangr-expressionBack in May 1997, Eddie Murphy, being the kind soul that he is, picked up a transsexual hooker in Los Angeles at 4:45 in the morning. Well, the police pulled him over, and Murphy told them he was just picking her up as ”an act of kindness.” Um, yeah.

Eddie made it out OK though. The prostitute was arrested on a previous warrant, and Murphy was allowed to go on about his merry way. Of course, this only furthered the whispers about Murphy’s sexuality (like that longstanding Eddie Murphy/Johnny Gill rumor), but never affected his career. Murphy went on to earn an Oscar nomination in 2007 for Dreamgirls, not to mention have a baby with Melanie “Scary Spice” Brown and a short-lived marriage to Tracey Edmonds.

And to help get your weekend started off right, let’s let Eddie and his buddy Rick James play us out…


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