Hot Mess

gwynnie-thumb-420x555This cover looks like Gwynnie was out with some friends, maybe a little tipsy, and thought it’d be funny to put this on for a joke picture. Doesn’t that smile say “I’m so drunk and this is so ridiculous, but I’m going to pretend to be serious because it’s funnier that way.”

2 responses to “Hot Mess

  1. Wait, is this the U.S. edition? Because that looks like a pound sign or something. If it is the U.S. edition, I’m guessing it’s the subscriber’s version.

    Either way, woo boy. I would try to make fun of her, but I would just be doing that to be nasty and get a hit out of being negative (or whatever she said in GOOP).

  2. Dear Gwen,
    Sometimes truth is a nasty, ugly, less than positive bitch.
    The Devil

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