Kiss My “Fat” Ass


jsimpson03_lUm, if this is “fat,” then most of America’s morbidly obese. Sure, this probably wasn’t the most flattering cut of pants, but to say she’s fat is just INSANE.


7 responses to “Kiss My “Fat” Ass

  1. angiesyounglover

    jsimp is fucking gorgeous. i hate everyone. i hate star, i hate people, i hate E!, i hate ryan seacrest, i hate the news, i hate life & style. i hate ET. I HATE.

    and you know what irks me the most? when they compared pics of her “fit” dukes of hazzard body. and um, does anyone remember what her diet was? she said she ate like fuckin brussel sprouts and splenda for dinner and worked out 6 hours a day. because THATS normal. no, bitchtits, that’s ill. so yeah, jessica, you’re amazing.

    AND DONT EVEN GET ME STARTED ON TEH SISTER COMPARISON THAT THEY HAVE BEEN DOING between ashlee and her since the day ashlee hit the scene. one’s always on the up and gorgeous, while the other one is on the down and ugly. because that’s fun, having people constantly compare you to your sister.

    the end 🙂 sighhh

    • @AYL: Thank you! You know what people? Jessica’s a curvy girl. She’s got huge boobs and hips and that’s OK. In fact, it’s pretty fucking sexy. Everyone’s body is not made to be rail-thin and I for one am so glad. And that bullshit with them comparing her to Ashlee is such crap and always has been. You know those girls have probably dealt with enough of that at the hands of their psycho dad, the last thing they need is the rest of the world putting that shit in their face.

      God, I don’t even like Jessica Simpson, but this shit just pisses me off!

  2. Jess looks wonderful, even wearing her 1982 thrift store jeans and belt get-up! To hell w/the haters and the media.

  3. I don’t like J-Simp’s look, and I don’t like her, but saying she’s fat is ridiculous. She’s not. She’s wearing terrible pants.

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  5. This isn’t so much a “weight” issue as much as it is a “horrible outfit” issue.

  6. Jessica Simpson come have dinner and a movie with a fan my son would is 15 and would enjoy meeting you he’s in a wheelchair and has M.D. . he thinks your the cooless you’d make his year . WE live in Phoenix AZ. Franck

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