ShamWow Vince Returns

Y’all know I watch  a lot of TV, and I love the “As Seen on TV” product commercials, and their wacky spokespeople. So, I was excited to see ShamWow Vince is shilling a new product–the Slap Chop. And with a name like Slap Chop, who else could you see as a spokesperson?


6 responses to “ShamWow Vince Returns

  1. You should really read Vince’s wikipedia page – he’s way more than just the guy who says “You’re gonna love my nuts!!!”
    I want a Slap Chop.

    • @bebehblog: I know! I actually did another post on him and his antics a while back. That dude’s got a crazy past–especially his legal troubles with the Church of Scientology. WTF?

  2. “stop having a boring life!” hahahaha

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