Rap it Up

Have y’all seen this? My pal Lizzie tipped me off to it yesterday. Yeah, that dirty hobo attempting to rap is the formerly dreamy Joaquin Phoenix. I think it’s fitting that he’s performing in front of a giant ass, because ass is what his rapping sounds like.

5 responses to “Rap it Up

  1. Such a fall from grace, Johnny and June would NOT approve!

  2. It’s one of those videos that makes YOU feel embarrassed to watch it….kinda like you shouldn’t be looking but you can’t help it. It’s that bad.

    • @Lizzie: I showed it my boy last night, cause he always “raps” to me (it’s kind of an inside joke that got out of hand). I told him he wasn’t the only white boy who couldn’t rap. Now he says he and Joaquin need to go on tour together. Oy!

  3. Oh lawd, Dorothy. Maybe they can open up for Vanilla. I’m calling my agents.

  4. Rap? I thought he was singing the hokey-pokey!

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