About Last Night


The Inauguration was awesome. We can pretty much all agree on that. But last night? Last night was special. First of all, let’s talk about Michelle’s dress.

slide_869_15183_largeMichelle chose designer Jason Wu to create her inaugural gown. There are a lot of differing opinions out there, but I think she made the right choice. I think it’s formal, yet feminine and I love that she picked something that shows off her youth and beauty, rather than some dowdy frock like those other First Ladies have donned. Here’s another look:

slide_869_15188_largeIsn’t it just dreamy? And speaking of dreamy…

slide_869_15180_largeWas there a dry eye in the house when they danced to Beyonce’s rendition of “At Last?” They’re such a beautiful couple, and obviously still very much in love. It makes me happy to know our President has the love and support of such an amazing woman. That’s going to mean a lot the next 4 (8?) years.


7 responses to “About Last Night

  1. Okay, I have only one problem here. Beyonce’s version of “At Last”? Fuck that.

    I am in awe of Michelle Obama’s guns. She is glorious, and I love the dress.

  2. @The Mayor of Bethville: Totally agreed. Beyonce is no Etta James. I don’t care how many times she sings that song or plays her in the movies. It would’ve been much cooler if they had Etta get up there and sing that.

    But, I was touched when she started crying as she finished the song. That was a nice moment.

  3. I’m not a Beyonce fan, but I actually thought it was nice. The dress was gorgeous, but didn’t it look like she kept tripping on it or stepping on it? Could have been a half inch shorter.

    But I am officially Obama’d out. I can’t watch anymore of it.

  4. A lovely, classic dress befitting her many strengths, although the train did appear to be annoying her by the last few balls. Beyonce is no Etta and she should just quit trying.

    I do have very mixed thoughts on Jill B’s ball gown. Nice color, lovely skirt volume, but the top just didn’t seem right. Thoughts??

  5. @AGreenEyeDevil: I can’t tell about that one. My first reaction is that I like it, but in some pictures, it does look like the top doesn’t quite fit right. There looks like a gap or something right there at her cleavage. But I love the color and the rest of the cut. In my fussing over the Obamas, I forget that the Bidens are quite a nice looking couple too.

    @Lizzie: Did you see your girl Hillary at the ceremony? Her hair looked a little different to me, maybe she just got it cut. She looked lovely. Now if only the jerks would stop trying to mess with her confirmation!

  6. I was actually at work and missed most of his speech/ceremony, so I’ll watch tonight.

  7. DottyZ, the Bidens really are a cute couple and their chemistry is starting to come through more frequently in their various appearances. Jill’s gown does have a u-shaped cutout at the clevage which just seemed really odd. In looking back at her pics I’ve realized she’s REALLY tiny if not petite!

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