History: In Photos

t1wideinaugtues53cnnOn this wonderful and historic day, I’d like to share some pictures from the day. They’re from CNN.com and The New York Times. Enjoy!

Obama Inauguration


Obama Inauguration



5 responses to “History: In Photos

  1. Did you get to watch the swearing-in at work? I did, and it was grand. I nearly cried. Then I left the TV on for most of the day.

    Meanwhile, a FB friend has a status message about wanting to leave the country. Debating whether or not to defriend her, or post a gloaty message, then defriend her. Muahaha.

  2. That pic of the helicopter is amazing.
    Bye! Bye now! Buh-bye! Yeah, BUH-BYE

    Lala – I’ve been trying to figure out exactly what country those folks would like better. Maybe Iran?

  3. @lalaland13: Just defriend the person. No matter who our leader is, they’re our leader and this is our country.

  4. @Mr. Random Thoughts : um.. okaaaaaay.

    today was a great day, and I am excited about tomorrow!

  5. Concur w/Bebe, the helicopter shot is wonderful, luv the complexity of the elements captured.

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