Freaky Friday Flashback

wee_441Happy Friday, y’all! This long-ass week’s finally over, so let’s celebrate with a look back at one of the biggest WTF? moments in pop culture history. Today we travel back only a few years to 2003 for a WTF moment that saw pop culture and politics collide in a most amusing and perplexing manner: The California Recall Election. arnold-schwarzenegger-conan-the-barbarian-c10102051Seriously, California? You’ll elect this guy as your governor, but you’ll vote against gay marriage? That’s a whole ‘nother WTF? in and of itself. But, I digress…

So, in 2003, several Republicans in the state filed a petition with the California Secretary of State to recall then-Governor Gray Davis. In the wake of an energy crisis that saw Californians suffering rolling blackouts and energy bills that tripled in price, many in the state began to blame Davis. There were many different reasons thrown about by people on both sides of the political spectrum, but what it all boiled down to was Davis had to go. That’s when the free-for-all happened.

No less than 135 candidates threw their hats in the ring for the job. In addition to Arnold Schwarzenegger, some of the more notable names included:

larry-flynt2200Hustler publisher, Larry Flynt

gary-colemanFormer child actor and mall security guard, Gary Coleman

recall_marycareyPorn star Mary Carey

38314323And political author and Huffington Post founder, Arianna Huffington

Wow, and you thought the 2008 Presidential primaries were a clusterfuck? Well, we all know what happened. The good people of California elected the Governator, and the rest is history.

2 responses to “Freaky Friday Flashback

  1. check out his muscles, he can destroy anything!!!

  2. Ahahaha! Love all the pics in this posting. 😀 I just discovered those someecards, myself. HI-LARIOUS!

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