Strange Alli-es

b3318421Oh Wynnona, not you too! I’m getting sick of celebrities telling me I need to lose weight, and how to do it. And this one’s especially terrible, because REAL PEOPLE have told me that Alli is the suck. We’re talking stomach cramp, greasy poo suck. So Wynonna, thanks, but no thanks.


7 responses to “Strange Alli-es

  1. If you don’t follow a strictly low fat diet, it’s not a pretty picture.

  2. I tried this stuff. You don’t want to hear about the side effects I got from eating things I thought were harmless – like tomato sauce and light microwave popcorn. I didn’t lose a pound.

  3. In the info pack they send you it even says you should buy adult diapers to wear while you take it….that scared me enough not to try it.

  4. @bebehblog, @TheDomina: Yeah, the stuff I’ve heard from friends did not sound good AT ALL.

  5. And now, as I am trying to watch Bringing Home Baby (this show on TLC) about two lesbians with a baby, I see an effin’ Nutrisystem commercial.

    I’ve eaten Nutrisystem and it was so processed it scared me. And this from the girl who eats frozen food or fast food most days.

  6. And yeah, I don’t see why the FDA approved Alli. Did they not say “Hmm maybe we shouldn’t approve this if it recommends wearing diapers”

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