Hot Mess: Double Trouble


That’s right girls, laugh through the pain, cause that new movie you’re in is gonna be a total stinker. Let’s talk about Anne here, since looking at Kate’s dress makes my head hurt. I don’t know if it’s her hair, a bad angle or what, but her face is looking weird. Her eyebrows are too severe or something, and she’s kind of rocking a Robert Palmer video thing. But that’s not the worst.

kate_hudsonThis dress looks exactly like a sluttier version of the flag girl uniforms from my high school’s band, circa 1994. No, Kate, no.


7 responses to “Hot Mess: Double Trouble

  1. Headbands are not your friend Anne.

    Holy geometric hell Kate, getting dressed in the dark lately?

  2. They are on the cover of Modern Bride, which is kind of WTF, nice cross-promotional stuff. All brides should inspire to fight with their supposed best friends.

    (Not that I ever look or glance at bridal mags. No, not at all. What would be the point?)

    Having said that, this movie might be guilty fun. We’ll see, though.

  3. bad blazer alert!

  4. @lala: I swear Kate Hudson was photoshopped INTO that bridal magazine cover!

  5. I went to see this movie weeks ago…for legal make sure they didn’t rip off my much better written screenplay. The movie pretty much sucked. So much so that even if they had bitten some of my script I wouldn’t sue because I wouldn’t want my name to be associated with such crap. lol

    • @Miss Smith: It just looks wretched. To the point that I’m insulted as a female that they think we’d actually want to watch such utter bullshit, and embarrassed that others think this is something women would like. Ugh.

      Your wedding movie is so much better than this.

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