Who’s In Your Five?

5-dollar-billHappy New Year! I thought I’d start 2009 with a fun little game we’ve all played: The Top Five Celebrities Game. Pick the top five celebrities you’d most like to get down and dirty with (just don’t laminate your list, or you could end up embarrassed). Here’s my Top 5:

daniel-craig-beach-buff-shorts5. Daniel Craig

There’s really no need to explain this one: The picture above says it all.

george_clooney_14. George Clooney

Clooney’s the type of guy who winds up on everyone’s list. He’s handsome in a very obvious, Cary Grant kind of way–and just keeps getting more so with age. But stunning looks aside, I love him because he’s a jokester, the kind of guy you’d like to go drinking with, who’s slightly self-deprecating and quick with a smart-ass remark. Also, he played fucking Booker on Roseanne and he guest starred on The Golden Girls. That alone endears me to him forever.

anderson-cooper-23. Anderson Cooper

Yeah, I know, he’s allegedly gay. But I so don’t care. He’s got a big, hot brain under that head of gorgeous silver hair. And he also seems to have a sense of humor about himself, which is pretty much requisite when you’re an heir who started his TV career hosting The Mole.

esquire-march-20072. Robert Downey, Jr.

Sweet mother of God, I am hot for this man. Seriously, look at him. He’s sexy and smart and a little dangerous. He’s been in and out of jail and rehab, and still manages to be smoking hot, not to mention amazingly talented. He’s the reason I had any interest at all in seeing Ironman (which actually ended up being pretty good), and I even felt myself getting all hot and bothered watching him in that ridiculous blackface in Tropic Thunder. I’m just praying for some nude scenes in the next Ironman (or any film he’s in, for that matter).

stephencolbertgqcomp-7993551. Stephen Colbert

Guys, sometimes it’s all I can do not to scream like a silly teenager when I watch The Colbert Report. I realize that Stephen is not your classic Hollywood heartthrob, but that’s what makes him even hotter to me. Sure, he’s kind of dorky, but he’s also a fucking genius. From his “Better Know a District” interviews making a mockery of some of Congress’ biggest idiots to nailing Bill O’Reilly on his own show to having the balls to call out George Bush to his face (and in front of a host of his peers and newspeople) at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner, Stephen’s got the charisma and intelligence to take on anyone. And that’s not all: I love his wonky ear, I love his glasses, I love that he’s from the South, I love that he’s tall. I love, love, love Stephen Colbert!

So, there’s my five. Who’s on your list?


11 responses to “Who’s In Your Five?

  1. Oh my DottyZ, you do know how to start the day! Here’s mine…

    1. Gerard Butler: Lord have mercy a man with a wicked smile, an accent, and broad shoulders is my weakness. He also appears to have a great sense of humor in many of his interviews.
    2. James Franco: smart, mysterious, thick curly hair, and luscious lips. I also feel like a cradle robber for this one!
    3. Colin Farrell: thoughtful, complex, wicked, lovely hair, and that melt my icy cold heart Irish accent.
    4. Viggo Mortenson: if he showed up looking like Aragorn, all the better. He’s a true Renaissance Man…speaks multiple lanaguages, works w/horses, politically active, writes poetry, composes music, and advocates for the underdog in life. Marry me Viggo!!!
    5. George Clooney: for all the reasons DottyZ mentioned. Furthermore, any man that had a pet pig for years has to have a real sense of humor!

  2. 1. George Clooney (I’m right here with you DottyZ!)
    2. Ewan McGregor (I’m ashamed to admit I own Young Adam….)
    3. Tilda Swinton (I know, I don’t swing that way and I don’t know that she does, but I love her).
    4. Jake Gyllenhaal
    5. Colin Firth

  3. @AGreenEyeDevil: Viggo! That naked fight scene in “Eastern Promises” had me weak. He is so hot! And I love Clooney for having a pig as a pet. He just seems like he’s probably a lot of fun.

    @TheDomina: Jake and Colin are up there for me too. It’s hard to narrow the list to only 5!

    And Tilda is the hotness, I don’t swing that way either, but there’s definitely something about her. I almost think I’d need a separate list for the women. In no certain order, I’d include Angelina Jolie, Rose McGowan (before plastic surgery), Helen Mirren, Ellen DeGeneres (she just makes me laugh, and I think she’s adorable) and Kim Kardashian (she’s trashy and dumb, but I like a curvy woman).

  4. @DottyZ: I think Viggo deserved the Oscar for Eastern Promises, he was brilliant throughout the entire work. Concur, the fight scene was simply chilling and mesmerizing at the same time!!

  5. 1) Steve Nash. He’s politically involved and outspoken, cute and dorky, and have you seen him play basketball? A man who uses his body that good on the basketball floor….
    2) John Krasinski. I remember his name as KraSINski. That says it all.
    3) Jon Hamm: I haven’t even seen that much of Mad Men, but when relatives got it for me on DVD, we ended up discussing his hotness. He also has a goofy quality about him that I find adorable.

    I can’t think of two others right now, but I will be pondering this. There are a few on the bubble. I did love how adorable Franco was on Letterman.

  6. Oh dang it, I just thought of the other two, and it’s duh: Stewart and Colbert. Wow, all the men on my list are either Steve or Jo(h)n. Interesting.

  7. @lalaland13: Krasinski is definitely a contender for me too. He’s so cute. Did you know he’s dating Emily Blunt now? I approve because she’s hot enough to be on the list of ladies and seems to be pretty cool.

  8. i am concerned for you, D. if you add up these guys’ ages, it would be like 1,027!

  9. I did a little top 10 stars to watch out for in 2009. It’s not all “steamy” but I think it’s cool. Although I will say I have a think for start No. 3. Check it out: http://share.triangle.com/node/22098

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