The Big Creeper

dancingHere’s one for the creepy files: The family of J.P. “The Big Bopper” Richardson is planning to auction his used casket. The musician died nearly 50 years ago in the plane crash that also killed Buddy Holly and Ritchie Valens after a concert in Clear Lake, Iowa.


The family recently had Richardson exhumed so his remains could be moved to a more visible location, complete with a statue. The casket, which has been on display in a Texas museum, is apparently in good condition, with just some minor rust spots and a white lime stain where water rose against, but did not enter it. Richardson’s son Jay, who was born three months after his father died says he has no attachment to the old casket:“When you get down to it, it is just a metal box,” he said.


4 responses to “The Big Creeper

  1. creepy and TACKY!

  2. A new benchmark for a tanking economy? I sure as hell hope not!

  3. This is all kinds of wrong. I assume they re-buried him in this new “more visible” location – why bother with a new casket? I’m pretty sure he doesn’t care.

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