Hot Mess

madonnaOh, Madge. Why’d you let Puffy talk you into wearing his shiny Hefty bag jacket from 1997?


4 responses to “Hot Mess

  1. We can only hope it’s a homage to Missy Elliott’s “Can’t Stand the Rain”, and Madge’s post-divorce reinvention will be as a fly MC.

  2. Her latest inspirations and reinventions appear to be something off the pages of a Marvel comic! WTF Madge?

    Did this woman have EVERY ounce of fat suctioned from her face and then have cheek implants?? I thought she looked good earlier in the year, but his is just too much.

  3. @AGreenEyeDevil : i read that she will only eat raw fish and vegetables and works out 2 hours a day because Guy called her fat like 3 years ago!! So yes, she has 0% fat!

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