Hot Mess: Double DDT

The premier of The Wrestler brought us some of the scariest fashions since “Macho ManRandy Savage. Take a gander:

56381084First, we have the movie’s star, Mickey Rourke, wearing as many shades of gold as he possibly can. Although, bonus points for finding a second use for the gold sport coat from his Elvis Halloween costume, not to mention matching his pants to the Hefty bag tarp backdrop.

And while this is bad, there was something even scarier at the premier:

56382111Marisa Tomei looks scared, y’all! Like she’s thinking, “God, I hope that Twilight stuff’s just fiction, cause otherwise, I’m about to be this chick’s snack.”

I know Evan Rachel Wood dated Marilyn Manson. And now she’s going through her late-adolescent Goth stage. But seriously hon, layoff with the un-dead makeup! You’re 21! You’re from Raleigh! Your skin is still fresh and dewy, and you’re supposed to look like this:

evan_rachel_woodNot this:



One response to “Hot Mess: Double DDT

  1. What is going ON with that chick? I thought when she dumped Manson she was over that whole creepy goth thing. I think she just likes shocking people. She’ll grow out of it … I hope.

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