Freaky Friday Flashback

wee_442Happy Friday, y’all! Today is an especially happy Friday for me since I’m off work all next week–hip, hip hooray, it’s Christmas vacation! Anyway, I’m in the mood to celebrate with another look back at one of the best WTF? moments in pop culture history. A lot of celebrities have had breakdowns. And a lot of celebrities have done some crazy things. But this episode in 1996 went above and beyond your run-of-the-mill Hollywood wackiness.


Remember when Margot Kidder lost her shit?!? It was 1996, and police found Kidder in the backyard of a stranger’s home in Glendale, California. She had been wandering around L.A. for four days, in the throes of a manic-depressive episode. During that stretch, she swapped clothes with a homeless person and ranted that her ex-husband was trying to have her killed.

margotkidder2Kidder bounced back though. She handled the weird episode with a sense of humor, telling Barbara Walters the real tragedy was knowing ”there’s somebody downtown with my best Armani suit.”

Since then, Kidder’s worked steadily, appearing in movies and television shows such as Brothers and Sisters and The L Word.


2 responses to “Freaky Friday Flashback

  1. angiesyounglover

    OT: so angie’s christmas card from you came today and i was there when she opened it…SO FUNNY. that’s the most brilliant christmas card everrrrrrrrrrrra;kaj

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