Batman Rumor Mill

eddie-murphy-picture-111Rumors have been flying all week that Eddie Murphy will play the role of the Riddler in the next Batman movie. But, his reps are denying this report. Murphy’s just the latest in a long line of stars rumored to be involved with the project:

johnny-depp-sweeney-todd-3-29-07Johnny Depp was also rumored to be in consideration for the Riddler role.

philip-seymour-hoffmanThere was talk of Philip Seymour Hoffman taking the Penguin role.


rachel-weisz-14And both Angelina Jolie and Rachel Weisz have been mentioned as possibles for Catwoman.

Of course, all of this is hearsay. But it’s amazing to see the amount of excitement generated by these movies and the anticipation for the next installment. While a lot of credit goes to everyone involved with both Batman films, you have to wonder would all this buzz be quite as loud if Heath Ledger hadn’t rocked it so hard in the Dark Knight? Or if he hadn’t died?


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