Only 9 Shopping Days Left!

05ln894wLooking for the perfect gift for the liberal on your list? Got a friend with a healthy case of white guilt? Or maybe that secret racist who likes to overcompensate to show how un-racist he is? Well, I’ve got just the gift for you:

That’s right folks, just when you were wondering what you could possibly buy to fill out the display cabinet holding your Obama coins, the fine folks at the American Historic Society (which, from what I can tell, is nothing more than a front name for a shitty television retail company) bring you the Obama plate! Look at that fine craftsmanship! Look at the limited edition stamping! This is a genuine, tacky historical artifact, something your children will treasure as a fine family heirloom (or give to Goodwill after you die).

While this commercial has so many amazingly funny moments, my  favorite has to be the man looking over at the plate on his desk and then smiling to himself, as if to say, “Look at me. Not only did I vote for a black man, I have a plate with his picture on my desk. I am sooo not a racist!”

Every time I see this commercial, I have to wonder what Barack Obama thinks about having his face plastered on a bunch of tacky shit sold on television. That’s gotta be weird, don’t ya think?


4 responses to “Only 9 Shopping Days Left!

  1. So, does Obama allow the use of his image or does that not matter? So confused….

  2. @TheDomina: You know, I’m not sure. I wonder if your image becomes a part of the public domain when you’re an elected official? I’ll have to look that up.

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