Axl Speaks

axlrosepicGuns ‘n Roses fans have a lot of questions. And now, Axl Rose is giving them answers. The band’s eccentric front man wrote a 4,584-word open letter to fans addressing what happened with the band and just about everything else on his mind. axl_rose_013On the breakup, Slash and his continued use of the band name, Axl says:

“But when the reality of the breakup hit and the strategy to have me crawl back was put into play, Slash had to save face and get business team and public support. Painting me as the one who held a crowd hostage forcing the others to sign over the name worked out pretty well in that regard. I’m the bad guy and Duff, the fans and most importantly himself were the victims…

Media and others ignorantly, wrongly and falsely harped on about it at mine and the fans expense for years and Slash has hoped to use all that to continually sue and have some sort of legal nonsense going on behind the scenes in an effort to reverse things.”

“He wouldn’t have been able to get the support and action on the part of his various team members over the years to do so if the truth were out there, especially when the statute of limitations had run out years ago.”

“Why keep the name? I’m literally the last man standing. Not bragging, not proud. It’s been a f–king nightmare, but I didn’t leave Guns and I didn’t drive others out.”

Hmm. It’ll be interesting to see if Slash or Duff have a response to this. Stay tuned!


One response to “Axl Speaks

  1. And when Axl speaks, no one listens.

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