Lamest Blogs

2c1facc5e7fe18d6882dc393fddWhen I saw the link to MSN’s “Lamest Blogs” story, I got nervous for a minute. Luckily (?) for me, my little blog here is too far under the radar to register on their list. Instead, the list included gems such as this one here, from convicted felon and Alaska Senatorial incumbent candidate, Ted Stevens. 6523ebdbb1df25649fad9eb32b564dOthers that top the list include Kim Kardashian’s blog, which she’s apparently really!!! excited!!!! about!!!!! OMG!!!!!

7b85de26f6fadcfa4c49fad752912And a green living and gadgetry site that’s really just a thinly veiled Wal-Mart advertisement. Fail.

What are some of your least favorite blogs? Is there something out there lamer than these picks?


2 responses to “Lamest Blogs

  1. I like Kim Kardashian! Why not put Britney Spears’ or Kayne’s? His album is super hot, though.

  2. I do not believe Ted Stevens authored any blog, as I do not believe he knows how to type. He’s strictly quill and parchment.

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