Wintour on the Way Out?

wintour1606_narrowweb__300x4520Gawker‘s reporting some juicy gossip that the rumors are true, and Anna Wintour’s reign at Vogue is indeed nearing an end. According to the story, Condé Nast chairman, S.I. Newhouse recently met with Wintour’s rumored replacement.

79200958VA011_Joie_CelebratFrench Vogue editor Carine Roitfeld is allegedly the heir-apparent to the American Vogue throne. Personally, I think she’s a great choice. French Vogue is much cooler and stylish than its American counterpart, and Roitfeld has shown she’s not afraid to take risks and do edgy covers and shoots.  Take the cover featuring model Carolyn Murphy and bearded drag queen Andre J:


vougueandrejinterior111708You know Anna would never do anything like this. She prefers pictures of Gwyneth Paltrow looking like a robot or another fucking Keira Knightley cover. Roitfeld’s influence might be just what the magazine needs. Hell, now I might have a reason to renew my subscription!


3 responses to “Wintour on the Way Out?

  1. I think we need an Eddie Izzard in drag/some famous model cover. Although I do give props for the Jon Hamm editorial. I just wish there was a story about him as well.

    Yeah, I’d have no problem with Anna leaving. It is getting stale, and I’m all for some experiments, even if some of them inevitably fail. Especially since my subscription has already been extended to Jan. 2010.

  2. I’m glad Wintour is leaving, although I have a distaste for all mags of this type given their negative contribution to the matter of a healthy female body image.

  3. angiesyounglover


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