Hot Mess

spencer_pratt300I see the newlyweds are back from their honeymoon. My thoughts:

  • Spencer’s hair looks like over-highlighted flames rising from his evil/ugly head
  • Heidi looks like a Real Doll, which is fitting since that’s about how much personality/control she has.
  • While their “elopement” didn’t include family or friends, it did include photographers from US Weekly and a film crew from The Hills. Trés romantic.

4 responses to “Hot Mess

  1. Please Jesus, let that be a blue mumu and NOT a maternity dress.!

  2. angiesyounglover

    before spencer spotted cameras, his hand was originally around heidi’s wrist.

  3. Well they aren’t married legally so this “wedding” was more of a big photo op. At least that’s how I understand the sitch.

    Which reminds me, anyone else see that Hills parody on Letterman the other day? “Chilax! You’re making this sitch totes awk!” I love it for that exchange alone.

  4. These two make me ill. WHY does anyone pay attention to them?!?! They remind me of that super popular girl in high school who had the older, mentally abusive boyfriend who kept her firmly placed under his thumb.

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