A Special Gift For All You Flo Fans

zzflo_from_progressiveI know there are a lot of Progressive Flo (aka Stephanie Courtney) fans out there, so you’ll be pleased to know she’s starring in a new Christmas commercial for the insurance company. Watch it here.


12 responses to “A Special Gift For All You Flo Fans

  1. Is Flo pregnant? In the Christmas commercial right at the end as she is at the counter, her apron seems a little big and she seems to be hiding her midesction with her arm.

  2. OK I’m not the only one that thinks she’s pregnant or theres something going on under her apron..keep me posted..

  3. Who the hell cares, freaks

  4. I have noticed in the recent commercial the way she holds the Progressive box by her side, strategically moving it up & down to hide her baby bump. I agree with you…noticed it a little in previous ad too. I’m glad they didn’t take her off TV because of pregnancy…she is so pretty with or without the makeup! And if stupid people write in saying ‘whoo the hell care, freaks’ they shouldn’t be wasting their own time searching out this website and leaving inane comments.

  5. Yes she is pregnant she revealed it

  6. Thank Goodness

    I am so sick of that woman and the fact that every second commercial on TV is a progressive ad.

  7. She’s Progressive’s version of Florence Jean Castleberry, the “Kiss my grits!” waitress on the old TV show “Alice” played by Polly Holiday. In the TV show, everyone called her “Flo.”

    I don’t think it was an accident that this character’s name is also “Flo.” That’s why the slightly over-done makeup. It’s part of the Flo persona. Stephanie Courtney is a pretty girl with or without the makeup. I agree.

    As for the one who says he/she is sick of “that woman” and the commercials, I have to ask: Why did you come to this Web site, and why bother posting if you’re so sick of her and her commercials? I don’t get your logic.

    Personally, I think there should be a TV sit-com about Flo. The creator of the character should develop her into a full-blown personality and pitch it to the networks. Of course, she couldn’t spend an entire half-hour or hour selling Progressive Insurance. She would have to have a life completely separate from her work, and that would have to be the focus of the sit-com. I think it would be fun to watch.

  8. Ha, I was trying to figure out if Flo was pregnant because my grandma noticed it and I tried to prove her wrong. 😛

  9. I like the sitcom idea, certainly worked for Jenna Elfman!

  10. The Progressive Commercial is the only commercial I do not get up and run to the kitchen . That lizard one is stupid. Keep Flo. She is refreshing.

  11. i love flo and i was so convinced that she was pregnant too and now i finally know that she is. sweet! i think it would have been really cool if they didn’t try to cover it up. she is so adorable and i don’t get why it would be something to hide. it’s weird how the tv industry works.

  12. I just saw the commercial, and I’m actually kinda buoyed by this. It’s pretty refreshing to see someone who’s portrayed as an always happy person gets to experience the miracle of life. Hope Mrs. Courtney sees the support she has, and smiles at all the would be haters. Cause haters gonna hate. 😛

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