The Gutt is Back

steve_guttenberg1Steve Guttenberg’s got to be stoked. The ’80s movie revival has finally come his way with a sequel to Three Men and a Baby and a sequel to Police Academy in the works. My question is, since both these movies already have sequels (what will this be, Police Academy 27?), so we really need more additions to movies made more than 20 years ago?


4 responses to “The Gutt is Back

  1. What’s the sequel’, Three Men and Their Grandchild?!

  2. @AGreenEyeDevil : will everyone be in diapers?!

  3. @M: The pre-movie commercials can be for Depends and Pampers!

  4. angiesyounglover

    awww. bangieb and i just watched it takes two (shut up) when it was on tv the other day. he was so dreamy. he rides a white horse, no lie. shut up.

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