Hot Coverage

tina-fey-vanity-fair-january-20092Check out Ms. Tina Fey on the January cover of Vanity Fair. As my girl SBJ says, hot-cha-cha. But Tina’s not the only one looking gorgeous on a magazine cover.

brittttglam1__optLookit how pretty Britney is on the January cover of Glamour! She looks very young and fresh, something we haven’t seen in a long time. Sure, she’s really sad right now, but at least she looks healthy. That’s a step, right?


5 responses to “Hot Coverage

  1. It’s encouraging to see Brit’s mental health issues appropriately case managed…the difference is painfully obvious at this juncture. I hope the guidance will remain in place longterm.

  2. @AGreenEyeDevil: I agree. Even though she’s talked about how she’s unhappy and misses her freedom, it’s clear she can’t handle the freedom.

  3. Why does VF start putting smart ladies on their cover after I cancel my subscription? I had to buy the Winslet issue, even though she was very naked. And now I will have to buy this.

    Glamour, not so sure. The most memorable thing I found in the Nicole Kidman issue was the “Why does sex hurt?” flow chart.

  4. Oooo the shoot for that Britney cover was in the documentary! The more I look at it the more convinced I am I NEED her bangs. I feel strange about identifying more with the crazy pop star than the smart, funny lady though.

  5. angiesyounglover

    come on britney, how long is your REAL hair now. i want to KNOW.

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