Oh, For Eff’s Sake

cov-b_19So, gay couples can’t marry, but these two shitheads can? EPIC FAIL.


7 responses to “Oh, For Eff’s Sake

  1. As I said on Jez, if California really cared about keeping marriage sacred, they’d ban anyone currently on a reality show from marrying until the show ends its run. And I don’t mean people on TLC or WE shows, I mean turds like this or “The Bachelor” contestants.

  2. Concur, this is an insult to the concept of marriage. But it will be even worse if they reproduce!! From what I gather from afar, this does NOT contribute to the gene pool.

  3. @AGreenEyeDevil: These two need to be carted off along with Paris to the sterilization lab.

  4. Now, now, Dotty Z. If two wax figures want to get married and appear on the cover of a magazine, I think that should be their choice. I’ve never heard a convincing argument that wax figure marriage threatens the marriages of real human beings.

  5. angiesyounglover

    “the minute we said our vows i couldn’t stop crying”

    why do i believe that?

  6. DottyZ if there was EVER a valid use of Public Health sterilization funds it’s these 2 and Paris!

  7. are they first cousins?

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