Chinese Democracy: My Two Cents

chinese_democracy_coverSo, I got up bright and early yesterday morning and took my behind to Best Buy to get Guns ‘n Roses’ Chinese Democracy. The verdict? I like it. I don’t love it. But I definitely like it. As my boyfriend said, “It sounds like Use Your Illusion III.” I think that’s apt. A lot of reviews said it had notes of Appetite for Destruction, but I didn’t really hear much of that. The songs are good–rockin’ and orchestral at the same time. All in all, it was worth the money I spent and I’ll be listening to it a lot.

Have you heard it yet? What do you think?


5 responses to “Chinese Democracy: My Two Cents

  1. Yeah it’s really good, I think. It sounds like music from when they first came out, which is cool to me.

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  3. If it sounds like old school G-n-R, I’ll be pleased. Thanks for the reviw!!

  4. Are you crazy? This sounds nothing Like the GNFR i Remmber and still listen to! Slash is soarly missed and the album is full of musical Balads where is the Attitude!

  5. @kesosip: Slash is definitely missed. Axl used about 15 guitarists to try to recreate what one man could do. And no, I don’t hear any Appetite on here, but I do think it’s very reminiscent of Use Your Illusion.

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