What a Sham

18106400id2The very first time I saw a commercial for the Sham Wow, I was struck by the product’s boisterous pitchman. Unlike Progressive Flo, Sham Wow Vince did not have that indescribable appeal that made me long for more. In fact, he reminds me a great deal of a douchey ex-boyfriend. Nevertheless, I wondered who this guy was. So, I decided to put on my internet detective cap and find out.


Lucky for me, Seth Stevenson over at Slate wondered this same thing and did the grunt work for me: Sham Wow Vince is Vince Offer, a sometime comedian and filmmaker who has a penchant for litigation:

“Offer’s history includes lawsuits waged against the Farrelly brothers, Anna Nicole Smith and the Church of Scientology. He also wrote and directed the 1999 film The Underground Comedy Movie. The New York Post review gave the film zero stars, said it ‘may be the least amusing comedy ever made,’ and asked, ‘How can the War Crimes Tribunal indict Slobodan Milosevic but let Vince Offer still walk the streets?'”

Very interesting. The article also links to this press release, which details Offer’s suit against the Church of Scientology. It also reveals the cast of his movie: Michael Clarke Duncan, Slash, Gena Lee Nolin and Joey Buttafuoco. Yeah.

So, Sham Wow Vince is more than just a rag shiller–he’s a renaissance man. But honestly, I think this is how we’ll remember him best:

P.S. My sister bought our Dad Sham Wows for his birthday this year (he wanted them!). So, I plan on testing them out when I go home for the holidays. Stay tuned for a full product review.


7 responses to “What a Sham

  1. why the fuck is he wearing a headset?! i don’t understand the physics of shamwow. is it polarized? ionized? a salt lick?

  2. I was going to ask for a review! He’s annoying but I really wonder about the product, stupid advertising!

  3. Wouldn’t it be great to make a sitcom with Progressive Flo married to the Shamwow Guy? I can see it now…………

  4. This guy cracks me up!!!! He is like a drug addict on speed. i want more commercials with him in them. Come back Vince!!!

    I hope they do the following:

    Make him even more skinny
    Keep him up for 3 or 4 days before filming
    Give him 10 cups of espresso before
    Freak his hair out even more
    Make him louder and more manic

  5. yeah this is stupid advertizing for sure. I agree.

  6. i heard he wears a headset cuz he had a stroke and wants to covr it up

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