Another Ugly Celebrity Baby Name


Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz’s son was born yesterday, and the over eye-linered couple decided to curse the child with the name Bronx Mowgli. WTF? Seriously, it’s like these celebrities just want their kids to get their asses kicked.


7 responses to “Another Ugly Celebrity Baby Name

  1. Mowgli?! Is that a first cousin to a Furby?

  2. Isn’t Mowgli the name of the kid from “The Jungle Book?”

  3. @swtmelissak: Yes, I believe so. And I think they got Bronx from a cartoon character too. Seriously, guys? You’re naming your kid after cartoon characters? I can’t wait until his little sister Princess Jasmine Minnie Mouse is born.

  4. Romo, do not procreate with Jessica. See what this family is about? Stupid names! Your child will be Sacramento Batman Romo if you aren’t careful.

    Um, yeah, this has got to be one of the stupidest names out there. I like to think they fought over this name, but I’m afraid that they instead just both really liked it.

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  7. FACE IT (no pun intended)…

    1) Will Smith / Jada Pinkett-Smith

    2) Russell Simmons / Kimora Lee Simmons

    3) Heidi Klum / Seal (the singer)

    4) Bruce Willis / Demi Moore

    5) Kevin Federline / ‘Fill-In-Blank’ (lol)

    6) A ‘Kardashian’ / ‘Any Random Black guy’ (lol)

    4) And other well-known celebrity-couples

    …ALL have incredibly HOMELY, UGLY kids!

    AND YET each of these celebrities insist on
    throwing those UGLY kids in front of cameras
    at ANY & EVERY opportunity (& when no such
    opportunity exists, they actually create them).

    A lot of them have the same
    features as their ugly dads.

    For instance, poor Willow Smith has her
    dad’s homely face (complete with weird
    scowl — like there’s a bad odor in the room).

    Everyone of the offspring of the multi-talentless
    Kevin Federline have simply gi-normous heads
    and rumor has it that when each was born, they
    were all so ugly … the doctor slapped the mothers.

    And ALL of those simply (and sinfully)
    unbearably UGLY celebrity kids tend to
    have very unattractive mouths & noses
    (both of which can be fixed via surgery —
    thus, there’s no reason for this to continue).

    With the amount of money these celebrities
    have and make — there is NO EXCUSE for
    them to NOT make attempts to at least try
    to ‘beautify’ their kids (rather than give them
    a ‘delusion’ that that are attractive people by
    throwing them in front of cameras everyday).

    Hopefully “Hiedi Montag & Spencer
    Pratt’ have been secretly-sterilized.

    Let’s all just join hands and pray.

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