Oh, NeNe!

nene-leakes-housewives_lFrom NeNe’s “5 Ways Housewives has Changed My Life“:

“I’m not surprised that Anderson Cooper is talking about me! Wouldn’t you talk about me? I’m not surprised. Anderson Cooper is gorgeous. He is THE silver fox, and I just wish he’d come over on this side of the street. And come over here and talk to me! Wendy Williams talks about me every single week. She sent messages to me. She said if she had to be any housewife it would be me. I’m not surprised. She has to change a few of her ways herself. We have a lot of celebrity people reaching out to us.”


3 responses to “Oh, NeNe!

  1. Having never watched this show ,I’m not certain if I should be entertained or freightened by this woman’s self-regard! I will say that’s one more ugly-ass haircut in the article link….WHY???

  2. @AGreenEyeDevil: I’m a little ashamed to admit I’m totally hooked on this show. I never got into any of the other seasons, but the ATL crew has definitely pulled me in. It’s totally ridiculous and trashy, but I just can’t stop watching!

  3. I have no doubt it’s entertaining as hell, in a trailer park prom queen kind of way! Some communities within Atlanta take themselves VERY VERY seriously, bless their hearts.

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