Sexiest Man Alive

sma_cover2People Magazine has named Australian actor Hugh Jackman as its “Sexiest Man Alive” for 2008. Jackman, who won a Tony in 2004 for his role in The Boy from Oz, stars in the upcoming epic, Australia.

And for your viewing pleasure, here are some examples of why he was chosen SMA:



As if that weren’t enough, here are some of the other sexy fellas who made the list:

daniel_craigMy boyfriend, Daniel Craig (although, People, you could’ve picked a better picture than this. Maybe something without a shirt?).

jon_hammDon Draper himself, Jon Hamm. YUM.

blair_underwood1Is it just me, or does Blair Underwood get hotter with every passing year?

david_beckhamEven when he’s wearing a plaid wife beater, Becks is always a good choice. Have I ever told you how much I love a man with tattoos?

javier_bardemJavier Bardem is just so, well, manly! Penelope Cruz is a lucky woman.

joshua_jacksonAw, it’s a shout-out to all us girls who graduated high school in the late ’90s and had the hots for Pacey! Josh Jackson, way to age well!

mark_paul_gosselaarAlthough I HATE that hair (seriously, WTF is up with that mess? Is he trying to be the new Heath Ledger?), it warms my heart to see Zack Morris (Mark-Paul Gosselaar) on the list. Saved by the Bell, FTW!


10 responses to “Sexiest Man Alive

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  2. Daniel Craig: Yes please!

    And my inner high schooler is thrilled that Pacey Witter is not only working, but one of the Sexiest men alive!

  3. Hmmm, very nice! But WHY such a blah pic of Daniel Craig? Really People, that seems a little stabby for the intent of this issue.

  4. I’d like a Javier and Daniel Day Lewis Sandwich. Is that weird?

  5. @Lizzie: If by “weird” you mean really hot, then sure.

  6. Why are all the rumormongers saying Hugh is secretly gay? I really don’t want that to be true, mostly because that would mean my gaydar is way off, because I don’t really get that vibe from him.

    And better to have Mark-Paul Gosselaar on the list than Mario Lopez. God, he is such a man-whore. Very annoying.

  7. @lalaland13: I’ve heard that too. But I don’t believe it. I think they just say that because he was so good on Broadway. It’s totally a stereotype, but there are a lot of gays in musical theater. I just don’t think he’s one of them.

    Plus, I really don’t want that to be true because his wife is so refreshingly normal looking. No Botoxed bimbo for Hugh!

  8. @dotty: I was thinking the exact same thing about his wife. She doesn’t look like a “movie-star wife,” just like someone you could see at the grocery store. Hopefully we are right, and dress-up night doesn’t include her dressing up like James Bond, or some such. It seems like another reason for the rumormongers is that they have adopted children, but that could just mean they had trouble conceiving. Really, people.

  9. angiesyounglover

    @lizzie: speaking of daniel day louis, i saw paul dano today in target!!

    hugh jackman? sexiest man alive? really? couldn’t come up with anything else.

  10. angiesyounglover

    @lizzie: speaking of daniel day louis, i saw paul dano today in target!!

    hugh jackman? sexiest man alive? really? couldn’t come up with anything else?

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