Shows Get the Ax

large_lipstickjungIt’s that time of year, when networks decide which shows get more episodes and which get sent out to pasture. Two casualties this season are NBC’s chick-lit-ish drama Lipstick Jungle and Christian Slater-helmed My Own Worst Enemy.

NUP_131350_0109Lipstick Jungle, based on a Candace Bushnell book of the same name, followed the cliche-filled lives of three 30-something women–a magazine editor, a film executive and a fashion designer (Kim Raver, Brooke Shields, Lindsay Price). It was introduced last season and honestly, I’m surprised it made it this far.

My Own Worst Enemy was introduced this season, and looked intriguing to me (this may be because I still have a lingering crush on Christian Slater). But I, and I guess a lot of other people, never got around to tuning into the show about a suburban guy who finds out he’s living a double life as a secret agent.

The network plans to burn off the remaining episodes of each show, so they’ll still be around for a few more weeks at least.


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