Idol’s First Casuality

american-idol-7-judges-thumbWhile I was saddened to hear about former American Idol contestant Paula Goodspeed committing suicide outside Paula Abdul’s house, I wasn’t surprised. What most surprises me about this whole situation is that it took this long for one of the obviously delusional contestants to off themselves (or someone else).

paula_goodspeed1Goodspeed, who auditioned for Season 5 with a rendition of “Proud Mary” that was mercilessly mocked, was a slightly obsessive Paula Abdul fan. So, going through the Idol process probably wasn’t the best thing for her.

After the audition aired, Goodspeed wrote on her MySpace page:
“It’s very hard reading such awful things being written about yourself…..or hearing things being said….. not like alot of people would understand what it’s like having so many haters,” she wrote, “just because I made the mistake of trying out for a singing competition before I was even ready vocally, emotionally and physically.”

She added: “I have to believe there is something good about me.”

For the record, I hate American Idol. I think the early episodes with Simon and the crew mocking obviously delusional people is mean spirited and cruel. Yes, some of them need to be told they’re making fools of themselves. But some of them, like this tragic girl, have deeper issues than an overblown sense of self. My only hope is that this incident makes the producers and editors of the show think twice about who they decide to make fools of when they put together this season’s episodes.

8 responses to “Idol’s First Casuality

  1. There is a definite meanness to the show, which is one of the reasons I stopped watching it a while back. This is a really sad thing, and if her family decides to sue the show, well, I can’t blame em too much.

    Also, all the damn Coke commercials. And people in America have generally shitty taste. It’s not a talent show. It’s a “reality” show.

    Plus, all the idiots who are let through because they’re idiots? WTF? I have a good friend with a lovely singing voice, and her entire family wanted her to try out, so she did. Not that she ever really had a chance, because it’s not about singing talent. As evidenced by them putting a guy dressed as Batman through to the next round.

    Even if they aren’t in danger of harming themselves or others, the show needs to stop putting talentless attention-whores through. Because as long as they keep doing that, they’ll keep getting horrible people trying out.

    Sorry for being so long-winded, but damn, I hate this show. Which is my attraction to David Cook confuses me sometimes.

  2. @lalaland13: Exactly! It’s very clear this show is not purely about talent–it’s about ratings. And they’ll do anything to get ratings, including letting people who shouldn’t make it past the first cattle call through to Simon, Paula and Randy. It’s mean and irresponsible to let some of these people go on television and humiliate themselves.

    Aside from my impossible-to-explain love for Kelly Clarkson, I hate American Idol and everything associated with it.

  3. I hate all things American Idol, why in the world do people want to watch a show that is so mean-spirited? It blows my mind, it is so painful to watch I can’t even watch the teasers in commercials…those poor people. Granted it is their own fault for going on when they know they’ll be mocked, but seriously, it’s the kind of show that brings down society b/c normal people think it is ok to be that mean in every day life.

  4. If these “judges” had someone in their family with mental and emotional challenges, yet the individual wanted to participate in the AI experience, would they allow/support that family member? Highly unlikely in my opinion. So I guess it’s ok to capitalize on the vulnerabilities of folks as long as it doesn’t hit too close to home. I caught part of 1 episode for the auditions and was sickened by the lack of professionalism and basic humanity demonstrated by AI. I have no respect or use for anything AI.

  5. @dotty, others: Speaking of mean and irresponsible, have you noticed almost everyone who goes through the show doesn’t exactly rave about it once their initial contract is up? Apparently the contracts are very restrictive and predatory, and they make these people sign them because they know they can. And that includes a 100-city tour or however long that stupid thing is.

    Most people who have success do it after breaking out of the Idol mold of cheesy trite songs and cheesy trite production values. At least that’s my theory. Carrie Underwood is doing well because she sings some decent songs, including ones that even I like.

  6. OK, this is my last comment on this post, really: But I will read articles about the show even if I can’t stand to watch it. I wanted David Cook to win, because he was older and seemed to have more of an idea of what he wanted to do with a career in music. And I was pretty sure the producers hated that he had a sense of (gasp!) identity and couldn’t easily be molded into whatever the hell they wanted him to be.

    And I saw him on SNL and found myself wanting to do things with him. I can’t help it.

  7. @lalaland13: You’re exactly right about the contracts. The winners basically sign their souls over to Simon Fuller for at least a year. They sing the songs AI wants them to sing, dress and act how AI wants them to and tour/appear where AI wants them to be. It’s all very restrictive and from what I’ve heard from pretty reliable sources, completely artistically suffocating.

  8. angiesyounglover

    alright simon, make fun of her because she has braces in her mouth. good plan.

    while i don’t condone the judges ruthlessly making fun of the contestants, anyone who watches the damn show (and most of the contestants DO, in fact, watch the show) has to know that the judges are assholes and that even to a decent-sounding singer, they still come down pretty hard with the insults and critiques. so, if you want to audition, you are willingly putting yourself in a position to be shit all over.

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