Watch Your Back, Free Credit Report Guy

piratesThere are few things in this world I hate more than commercials. The stupid songs get stuck in my head, making me want to kill everyone, including myself. And they just keep getting worse. Check out the most recent one:

Seriously, this shit has to stop. I mean, are people actually enrolling in Triple Advantage, the program you have to pay to be in to get your “free” credit report? (By the way, you can get a truly free credit report once a year by going here.)

Like my fascination with Flo from the Progressive Commercials, I had to find out who this guy is. After a little internet research, I discovered he’s Canadian (gee thanks, Canada!) actor Eric Violette. Other than an appearance in a Canadian movie in 2007, this is his only gig as an actor, at least according to IMDB. For his sake, and the sake of my sanity, I hope he gets more work very soon so he can quit doing these God-awful commercials. I don’t know how much more of it I can stand.


17 responses to “Watch Your Back, Free Credit Report Guy

  1. I honestly dont understand the brains behind this stupid ad campaign.
    They change the songs with every ad, the songs are terrible, the guy is unlikeable, and he’s a sexist asshole.

    They also play them on the radio station we listen to at work, I cannot escape it 😦

  2. Does everyone’s mother loves these commercials? Cause I hate ’em, but Mary Jane loves ’em.

  3. Die die die. Die. Die.

    That is all.

  4. Ahahaaha. I like them. I’m sorry. Very catchy. I love the scary verizon commercials, too!

  5. @Lizzie: Ha ha, girl, we gotta get you some help. You like these guys, Heidi and Audrina, creepy Verizon guy (although, those new “dead zone” commercials are amusing). Next thing you’ll tell me you like that annoying woman in the Glade commercials or the Toyota “Saved by Zero” jingle!

  6. HATE these commercials. Did you know that guy doesn’t even sing? It’s dubbed. With my current daytime tv viewing schedule I get to see a new one just about every week, and the one today – about a moving to a Renaissance Faire? WHICH DOESN’T EVEN MAKE SENSE – is the worst one yet.

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  8. Ok so the one that makes me crazy is that, his life sucks because he is working at a restaurant serving ice tea and chowder tourest. All of this because his credit is in the shitter. I hope that bitch comes into where I work. NO SOUP FOR YOU!

  9. I’d like to beat that guy to a PULP! Or, better yet, I’d like to see a big, burly, violent, tattooed prison inmate beat him to a pulp. With a tire iron. twice.

  10. Eric Violette is my mortal enemy. One day, we shall meet, and I will cut out his heart with a broken whiskey bottle. Until I saw the free credit report dot com guy, I didn’t even know he was my mortal enemy. But now he is doomed.

  11. Somebody really needs to murder the free credit report dot com people. For them to just stop making the commercials isn’t enough, that flamboyant singing faggot must be killed.

  12. Yes – agreed – death to Eric Violette and the FCR assholes that employ him. I have gotten quite adept at muting the sound very quickly when each ad comes on – the ONLY way to survive…

  13. God I HATE THIS FUCKING FAG!!! These commercials piss me the fuck off, I just want to fucking murder this singing dickhead, going to prison would be better than having to put up with these fucking commercials. I would love to see Eric Violette choking to death on his own blood with a huge chunk of trakea missing and OJ standing over his body… FUCK that would be the day. Anyways Eric I hope you not only fucking die but I hope you suffer like I have to putting up with your bitch ass commercials.

  14. Agreed this guy needs to get cancer with aids while watching his family die from mersa. If I ever see him on the street I will feel its my patriotic duty to pummel him. The newest commercials upped the hatred in my heart for him 10 fold. And if Eric is reading this when you start going bald “i hope its from the chemo” you can not cover it up by growing your hair longer. You just look even more retarded and that much more beatable.

  15. Wow,

    I can’t believe everyone is such a fuckin hater. The songs are awesome, Eric is awesome. He does sing, he is in a band. I would love to have the commercial songs as ringtones.

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