I’m So Golden

the-golden-girlsPeople.com has a really fun quiz up today testing your Golden Girls vs. Gossip Girl knowledge. I’ve never watched a single episode of Gossip Girl (I know!), but I still managed to get 8 out of 10 right, based solely on my superior Golden Girls skills.


6 responses to “I’m So Golden

  1. I got 8/10 right, but I’ve seen about three episodes of Gossip Girl.

    Golden Girls is the far superior show.

  2. I, too, am an 8/10. Sadly, this is based mostly on my superior trivia knowledge of Gossip Girl.

  3. I got 6/10. But I may have taken it before, because some of the questions seemed familiar. What got me were the “This character and this character” questions, where I’d get the Golden Girl right but not the Gossip Girl.

  4. I’m 7 out of 10…all due to my Golden Girls knowledge.

  5. I’ll confess to “Golden Girls” moment, WTF is this Gossip Girl thing?!

  6. A really funny quiz!
    I loove both the shows, and didn’t realize they had anything in common before I took the quiz

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