NC’s Feeling a Little Blue Today

mapI have never been more proud to be a North Carolinian than I am today. Yes. We. Can!


10 responses to “NC’s Feeling a Little Blue Today

  1. You should be proud; that’s really cool. As for me, I have never been more ashamed to live in the state I do, one of only three that went more for McCain than they did for Bush four years ago. And I’ve seen a map that color codes counties based on if they were more Republican or more Democratic than four years ago….plenty of the former here. I don’t know if people were still pissed about Hillary, or if they never liked Democrats and just liked a brand, but I am sick with shame and about to cry, but that might be fatigue.

  2. Yes indeed, hooray for a BLUE North Carolina! Although I have to say I continue to be embarrassed and frustrated by the lock-step Republican perspective that pervades my end of the state. Did you look at the CNN state map DottyZ, it’s just shameful. Where on earth is the Democratic political machine in the rural areas?!

  3. @AGreenEyeDevil: I guess people are a little more traditional and scared of change in rural areas. I don’t know. What’s weird though is rural counties in different parts of the state went blue. Like those north and north east of Raleigh and Durham. Places like Granville and Franklin counties. It doesn’t really make a lot of sense.

  4. @lalaland13: Don’t get yourself so down. It takes time. I never thought NC would go blue, and now it has. I think as the older generations die off, things will get a little less conservative everywhere. And people like you will be leading the charge. Stay strong!

  5. @DottyZ: Jackson and Buncombe were blue, but they have college towns (WCU and UNC-A). The remainder were a solid red. I often wonder if the influx of retirees to WNC has influenced the voting trend. Agreed, I don’t understand why some rural counties are blue and some are red!! If you see an explanation, please send me the link.

  6. The only thing remotely, consistently Democrat in WNC is the support around Representative Heath Shuler. He’s from Swain Co. and is considered a local “folk hero” for taking his football skills so far w/UT and then w/several pro teams. He’s part of the Blue Dog Coalition in the House. Even the Republicans like him and vote for him.

  7. @Dotty Thanks for the kind words. I think I have a post-Obama win letdown, because I realized I still live in a red state, even though America is blue. It’s like the day after Christmas.

    The thing is, NC has that big Research Triangle and a pretty diverse economy in some places, right? Most of Arkansas is manufacturing or poultry or some such. Not a good outlook. But I don’t know how much longer I’ll be here anyway.

    Back to enjoying 30 Rock, though. Oprah and Tina Fey, wee!

  8. Don’t get down, ladies. Baby steps. I still love, love, love my state despite its utter redness.

    And congrats, DottyZ. NC is nothing if not on its way onward and upward.

  9. @AGreenEyeDevil: I remember Heath Shuler! I used to love him when I was in high school. The Redskins were my team back then, before we got the Panthers. I didn’t realize he was from NC. Duh!

    @lalaland13: Yeah, we do have RTP and a lot of universities (which is why I think my town is so liberal), but we also have some random counties that you’d think would be hardcore red that went blue. I think it’s a mix of people moving in from other parts of the country, the youth really turning out, and older folks getting fed up with what Bush did to the country, and our state in particular. We lost a ton of jobs and income in this state when all the textile mills packed up and moved to India and China. People here were (and still are) pretty pissed about that, and at Bush’s administration for letting that happen.

  10. Hooray for NC! I lived there during the 2004 election and remember my frustration with its utter redness. Yay for change!

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