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il_ctI’m a big newspaper nerd. I’ve worked at and write for a few and I generally love the look, feel and smell of newsprint. So on this historic occasion, I’d like to share some of the front pages from my home state, as well as this one above, from President-elect Obama’s home city. You can see yours online too at The Newseum. Now, today in NC:







9 responses to “Front Page News

  1. The News & Record is my fav cover!! Very classic and timeless.

  2. @AGreenEyeDevil: Mine too! I just went and picked one up. I had to look everywhere because they’re sold out all over.

  3. It all makes me so emotional!

  4. Thanks for collecting all of those! Nice!

  5. Re: getting papers. I find it easy to get one, considering. I wanted a USA Today, but I am sure those are gone. But I do have the local paper, which honestly, has a kind of stinky cover. But they just laid off 13 people Friday, sigh, so I’ll give em a break.

  6. amazonredheadedubervixen

    I think the Chicago Sun-Times’ cover was my favorite (apologies if this link is wonky or if it takes you to the Oprah blog – I couldn’t find it anywhere else!):

  7. amazonredheadedubervixen

    Sorry if this posts twice, DottyZ, but this is my favorite cover:

    Shocking, because I’m not usually a fan of the Sun-Times.

  8. @amazon: That one is so awesome. I’m sure all the papers flew right off the stands in your neck of the woods.

  9. Yes I agree with you!

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