Happy Election Day!

soto_66It’s a rainy, yucky election day here in battleground North Carolina, but the polls are busy, busy, busy and that’s great!

All throughout the day, I’ll be posting election funnies from SomeEcards (like the one above), and we’ll be looking back at this wacky election season. If you haven’t already voted, GO VOTE! If you have, congratulations and thanks!


5 responses to “Happy Election Day!

  1. My corner is blue sky and sunshine…now I just have to pray the Democrats come down from the hills and vote as their grandparents did!

    Keep me posted on Bev vs. that Charlotte guy!

  2. Things are pretty sunny here, but my head hurts for reasons I can’t go into here. Well, a nosebleed this morning isn’t helping the headache. But I am trying to be optimistic, even though, from my neck of the woods, things are red red red like a Fiona Apple song.

  3. I’m all nervous. I don’t want McCain, McCrory or Dole! Could all my dreams possibly come true in one day?

  4. Lol @ the Cards. Keep ’em coming!

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