Election Funny


5 responses to “Election Funny

  1. HA! So many people I want to send this to! Hate on Obama for policies, I’m fine, hate on him for his name and I’ll give you something to hate!

  2. ngoldfarb…it’s time to toss a troll off the mountain!

  3. Is my sarcasmometer broker, or is goldfarb serious?

  4. @ngoldfarb: Post that one more time and you’re booted. If you don’t have anything productive to add to the conversation, you’re not welcome. Consider yourself warned.

  5. @TheDomina: Ugh, I know. I know. I’m just holding my breath because I’m so scared something will go wrong, including Obama getting shot at tonight’s rally. I hope they put a bulletproof vest on him. I know that sounds awful, but I’d rather sound awful than lose him.

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