Election ’08: The Choice

600px-us_vice_president_sealsvgOnce the two candidates were finally decided, the guessing game began anew with the question of who Barack Obama and John McCain would choose as their running mates. Democrats wanted unity and victory, and many thought the choice of Hillary Clinton would bring both those things. Republicans also wanted those two things, and while some thought Mitt Romney or perhaps a Midwesterner like Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty or Indiana Senator Evan Bayh would be the right choice, McCain didn’t see it that way. gov-palin-2006_officialAnd so, the nation was introduced to the little-known governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin.

397px-joe_biden_official_photo_portrait_2And the man who’d once opposed and criticized Obama, Delaware Senator Joe Biden, became the Democratic Vice Presidential candidate.

Both were kind of surprising choices (Palin more so), and both have had interesting results. The two finally met during the one and only Vice Presidential debate on October 8th. It was an interesting night, a night that gave us these moments:

2 responses to “Election ’08: The Choice

  1. I think Obama, McCain, and the respective political machines were strategically and tactically out-to-lunch with their decisions on VP. I really wish I could peak behind the political curtain for a moment and scream WTF people, what were you thinking!!!!

  2. @ AGreenEyeDevil Lol!

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