Y’all Ready for This?

Tomorrow is a big day. Our country will come together and decide who will be the next leader of the greatest nation (OK, I admit it, I love America) in the world. Like me, you may have already voted, but if you haven’t PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE vote tomorrow. Let your voice be heard. And if you’re still on the fence (allegedly, some folks still are), I’ve posted some handy links after the jump to help you make up your mind.

Information about John McCain:

Campaign website

McCain Senatorial website

Sarah Palin Gubernatorial website

Information about Barack Obama:

Campaign website

Obama Senatorial website

Joe Biden Senatorial website

Additional information:

Where the Candidates Stand on the Issues

How do the Candidates Match up with Your Views on the Issues?

The presidential race isn’t the only important contest out there. There are hundreds of Senatorial, Congressional, Gubernatorial and local races being held tomorrow. Get the facts, be informed and for fuck’s sake, VOTE!


2 responses to “Y’all Ready for This?

  1. Perhaps I should have sent some of this to my brother, but I instead just basically wished him luck in deciding and said I hoped he picked Obama.

    I’ll be working late and watching results over here when I can.

  2. I’m ready for this to be over and move forward!

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