Not Exactly BFFs

In case you missed it, John McCain appeared on Saturday Night Live this past weekend. Now MSNBC‘s reporting he and Tina “Sarah Palin” Fey were a little “frosty” working together. According to MSNBC’s source, McCain actually has a pretty decent sense of humor, except for when it comes to jokes about his running mate:

“He’s funny, a lot of people don’t realize that,” the source said. “And he was totally up for anything. He can take a joke — actually the only jokes that can bother him sometimes are jokes about Sarah. He really defends her.”

Maybe that’s why he and Fey didn’t exactly hit it off. Regardless, here’s the video of their skit.


4 responses to “Not Exactly BFFs

  1. HAHA I want the Joe Biden doll! HAHA 😀

  2. I can understand the frostiness. I think it probably is a lot like the frostiness between McCain and the real Palin.

    But I do have to give McCain credit-it was pretty well done on his part. He’s got a good sense of timing. Hate that he lost his rep as funny and decent. But maybe the campaign McCain is the “real” McCain and we were all fooled.

    And I will try not to give up on NC! I’m just being cautious. My brother in Florida said he still wasn’t sure and probably wouldn’t know til he went in, but I’m crossing my fingers he goes Obama.

  3. I think he’s sensitive because he KNOWS Palin was a career altering lapse in judgement. I bet he catches HELL from Cindy behind the scenes over this very issue. LOL!!!

  4. he was actually likeable

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