Freaky Friday Flashback

Happy Friday, y’all! Today’s a special Friday, as it’s Halloween! Ooooh, spooky! Anyway, it’s time for a look back at one of the best WTF? moments in pop culture. Since I’m in a Halloween mood, today’s moment takes us back to an urban legend that was rampant in the 1970s and 1980s:Ah, the old razor blades/syringes/poison in candy scares. I remember the hospital in my hometown offering free x-rays of candy on Halloween during the ’80s. Everyone was in a panic about their kids getting weird candy. Even the Cosby Show’s  Cliff Huxtable separated the kids’ candy into different bags so it could be checked.

According to urban legend debunking site, Snopes, these fears are pretty unfounded. And the very few cases of this ever happening generally involved the child being poisoned by a family member or someone else they knew, not a crazed madman giving out candy to innocent children. 

So, moral of the story? Enjoy that candy tonight and have a happy Friday and a happy Halloween!


2 responses to “Freaky Friday Flashback

  1. I still think of hidden razors or crushed glass when I see Halloween candy.

    I mean, I eat it and all – but it gives me pause.

  2. Oh yeah, my parents used to make me do this every year as soon as I got home, before I could eat anything I collected. While I’m sure part of it was just them being, well, them, and uber-paranoid, I can’t help but think now that some of it was just to get a few good pieces for themselves.

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