Hot Mess: Oldster Edition

OK, so you all remember this unfortunate Golden Girls-esque look. Sadly, this seems to be a trend, with starlets popping up everywhere looking like grannies on their way to a hospital charity dance:The latest victim: Mena Suvari

And with that hair, poor LeeLee Sobieski’s just a gold lame wrap away from looking like crazy-ass Sally Kirkland.


2 responses to “Hot Mess: Oldster Edition

  1. Honestly? I like the new Golden Girls look. It is so much better than the needlessly short/cropped top look that literally no one can wear except some bony titted Hollywood starlet.

  2. The worst part of the first two is their hair! What is up with their hair! At least Lee Lee has decently wavy hair and a Golden Girls outfit.

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