Melrose Returns

On the heels of the successful revival of 90210, the CW is planning to resurrect Melrose Place for the 2009-2010 television season. No word yet if any of the original cast will return, but chances are, some of them won’t, as they’ve moved on to bigger and better things. Marcia Cross and Doug Savant, “Kimberly” and “Matt,” respectively, both now star on Desperate Housewives. But others, like Heather Locklear and Grant Show, might possibly consider a return. What do you think? Should Melrose come back? Do you like the new 90210?


3 responses to “Melrose Returns

  1. I do like the new 90210. In terms of teenage drama entertainment, it surpasses One Tree Hill and the Real Housewives of Atlanta, who I know aren’t teenagers but their drama is so seventh grade.
    I never really watched Melrose, but look at those shoes, “slides” I think they were called. U-G-L-Y

  2. @swtmelissak: Ha, when I found that picture, my first thought was, “Damn, those clothes are so ugly!”

    I haven’t seen the new 90210 (meant to watch it, but forgot), but the Real Housewives are soo silly.

  3. i think it needs updating. it should be set in SF with some sort of vegan co-op. the clothes will still be tragic and if you throw in “open relationships” … wowee!

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